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Category Archives: Motivation

Warming Up and Cooling Down

The obvious reason for preparing your body for a workout and then gradually cooling down afterward is injury prevention. I mean we don’t want to cut our workout short just for lack of preparation, nor do we want to be paying for it for days afterward . Yet there are other reasons why both a […]


Creating Core Strength

Core strength is essential to living a healthy and safe lifestyle, especially if you are an active person! This is because your core is the basic foundation to all movement and strength within your body. Despite what some people may believe, creating core strength isn’t just about having a flat stomach or building enviable abs. […]


Breathing Through Emotions

Breathing is one of those things we often take for granted, I mean, it just happens right? Yet breathing is integral to our survival and is directly linked to our emotions as well as our energy levels. For example you may have noticed that when you get upset, angry or scared, your breathing becomes more […]


Endurance VS Resistance

People often ask me about my preference of either endurance or resistance training for toning and sculpting our body, and my answer is always the same: Both! Both types of training have their benefits; resistance training works on improving muscle strength and endurance, whereas endurance training works on cardiovascular strength and is the most effective […]


Motivation To Move

Motivation is one of those things that we can all do with a little more of at different stages in our lives. As you know by now, exercise can be just what you need to get your mind stimulated and your body energized. Yet every now and then we need a little motivation to get […]