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Flexible & Fabulous

Working to keep your body healthy and strong is a sure way of living a fun and happy lifestyle. That means toning and strengthening your body with resistance training, keeping yourself lean and internally healthy with endurance training, but also working to keep yourself supple and flexible.


Because let’s face it, we don’t want to just be strong… We want to be capable as well! That means we want to have the movement and grace of a 16-year-old well into our 40’s. And beyond!

Feeling limber and flexible is a great feeling, and it also helps protect your body from injury. This is why I like to incorporate practices that work on increasing and maintaining my flexibility as part of my weekly exercise regime.

So if flexibility is something you have been overlooking, try incorporating some of these into your week:

Yoga: Practicing yoga asana is a fantastic way to improve flexibility. Not only is it appropriate for people of all flexibility levels, there are postures to challenge even the most experienced practitioners. Through yoga you will be able to work on gradually improving your flexibility levels at the same time as improving your strength and inner health! You can hop online and find a yoga class near you, or practice at home with online classes.

Pilates: Pilates is another great way to improve your flexibility and strength. Pilates has a stronger focus on strengthening your core than yoga, however, the different techniques used will also work to open up your hips and shoulders, creating more flexibility in these areas.

Stretching: If you are not already using stretching as a means of warming down your muscles after a resistance training session, then you should be! Remember it is especially important to stretch through your shoulders, hips, and legs after training these specific areas, to help keep them loose and flexible.

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