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More Rest, More Gains!

Making sure you keep yourself healthy and active by regular training and eating a balanced diet, is a sure way to achieve and maintain your personal best.


However ensuring that you get enough sleep each day is also an integral part of the growth and development of muscles, as well as helping you approach each day with motivation and a smile!

It doesn’t matter how many box jumps you do or kilos you lift, how many miles you run or how much fuel you are feeding yourself, if you are not getting the appropriate amount of rest each day then your body will not be able to adapt.

The best and most effective form of rest is sleep, and between 7-9 hours each night should be sufficient for most people. As you sleep Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is released, via the pituitary gland. This growth hormone stimulates protein synthesis which promotes muscle cell development, growth and repair.

Some people struggle getting to sleep or find that they often wake up during the night, and this can really disrupt your energy levels the following day, as well as reduce the amount of HGH that is released. So here are some suggestions that I use to help me drift off when I want to, as well as encourage my body to stay sleeping throughout the whole night:

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